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The Luxury Customer Journey

Officially launching in September 2015, the Global Luxury Customer Journey (LCJ) is a LuxHub’s proprietary study examining the differences in the path to purchase for fashion luxury goods.

The LCJ provides a clear understanding of the strategic roadmap luxury fashion companies need to develop to engage their target in each market analysed, with a strong focus on their digital transformationFurthermore, the report detects which content and touch points are most relevant to increase brand awareness, desirability and intention to buy of luxury items, ranging from traditional press, digital contents, celebrities’ endorsement, digital word of mouth and bloggers.

The research explores the customer expectations and activities during the e-commerce and boutique experience, in-store mobile usage, interaction with brands’ social pages as well as the meaningfulness of available content. Lastly the survey tests the appreciation of the most recent and up coming experience innovations.

The report is also available for eight key markets: USA, Middle East (UAE & Saudi Arabia), China, Italy, France, Germany, UK and Spain.

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