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Digital UAE Luxury Outlook Report

Proprietary research to highlight digital needs and expectations in terms of content and services of the Arabian luxury consumers. This includes an examination of the digital readiness of fashion and luxury brands to fulfil these needs and expectations.

The Middle East is synonymous with the Luxury Industry, and in the context of our digitally advancing world, luxury brands, advertisers and publishers are on a persistent progression towards enhancing their digital properties, content and offerings.

An industry which had once been left behind, or wanted to, from our digital age, by continuing to rely on the traditional media ‘spill-over’ from their globally branded content and advertising, is beginning to change.

The Luxury Industry has been fearful and hesitant of the digital sphere for many reasons, from loss of exclusivity to sheer indifference, but we are now witnessing a renaissance of digital luxury marketing on an international scale. In the Middle East, as the region’s mobile and broadband penetration deepens, growing its web-based footprint and usage of social platforms, and developing home-grown e-commerce and m-commerce platforms, the demand and need for digitalised luxury is most definitely here. So, how are luxury brands adapting to this change and what progress has been made so far?

To answer this question and at the crossroads between data-driven insights, the perfect regional setting, and our passion for Luxury, we as an agency found ourselves, and from this LuxHub Insights: Luxury Digital Outlook was born.

This research project, carried out underneath Havas Media Middle East’s luxury intelligence group LuxHub, not only serves to guide brands on future decisions around brand strategy, digital communication and platform development, but also as agency stakeholders, helps us prioritise those decisions by channel and identify gaps to build better more effective and relevant advertising solutions, with real data and insights at the core.

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