Evolution of Fashion Media

The evolution of fashion media covers how digital has affected media and the challenges brands are faced with. Customised content and the power of instant purchases has become the customer expectation. As consumers spend more and more time online and on their mobile phones more than on any other channel, brands should adapt their media … Continued

The Chinese Luxury Consumer

China is the biggest spender of luxury goods more than any other nationality, with over a third of global luxury sales coming from the country. The Chinese luxury consumer is younger than those in the West and values products more than experiences – all characteristics and opportunities that should be considered by luxury and fashion … Continued

10 Things To Know About the Global Surge in Menswear

In the last year, the world has seen a surge in the menswear market. Once only mentioned in passing in the world of fashion, men’s apparel is now outgrowing women’s across key markets. Brands are both chasing and leading the “Menaissance,” playing catch-up with increasing demand and leading it through massively increased ad spend. Traditional … Continued

10 Things You Need to Know About Affluent Millennials

Few demographics are more discussed than millennials – young people born between 1980 and 2000. The typical millennial was born in the boom years, raised by doting parents who wanted the best for them, wanted to be cool and were financially secure. They came of age during the recession but maintained their sense of empowerment, … Continued

The Global Luxury Customer Journey

The Luxury Customer Journey (LCJ) provides an initial snapshot of the most important marketing KPI’s (top of mind, spontaneous and total awareness) before delving deeper into the more relevant content and touch points that build brand awareness and intention to buy, from traditional press and celebrity endorsement to digital word of mouth and bloggers. The … Continued

The Luxury Customer Journey

The LCJ provides a clear understanding of the strategic roadmap luxury fashion companies need to develop to engage their target in each market analysed, with a strong focus on their digital transformation. Furthermore, the report detects which content and touch points are most relevant to increase brand awareness, desirability and intention to buy of luxury items, ranging from traditional … Continued

LuxHub Luxury Survey

A new global study of affluent consumers in 9 international markets reveals Chanel as the brand that best represents luxury, followed by Rolex and Cartier. Other findings include: Luxury super brands still dominate for luxury consumers, with 64% preferring them to niche luxury brands. The average personal spend on luxury goods was estimated £21,126 last … Continued

The Luxury Customer Journey China

The Luxury Customer Journey is the first country study using a proprietary methodology to look into the customer journey for luxury brands. This methodology is basically an on-line survey that aims to validate the omnichannel approach, monitoring specific customer behaviors, recruiting people from the brand customer data base. In order to introduce this tool to … Continued

Digital UAE Luxury Outlook Report

The Middle East is synonymous with the Luxury Industry, and in the context of our digitally advancing world, luxury brands, advertisers and publishers are on a persistent progression towards enhancing their digital properties, content and offerings. An industry which had once been left behind, or wanted to, from our digital age, by continuing to rely … Continued