Relationship Marketing

case study

Affligem “Momentum”

Strategy and Brand Engagement Activation


To create, develop and implement an integrated communication plan to position Affligem Beer as a luxury brand in Italy. To educate the target market to choose Affligem by letting it discover a new level of product: the high-quality beer segment. To position Affligem as the brand chosen by people for their moments of self-reward.


We created and implemented an ambassador programme, selecting 12 personalities from the worlds of art, design, business, fashion, wine and lifestyle who are naturally linked to the brand values of Affligem. We mounted an exclusive photographic exhibition for opinion leaders and media in Milan, featuring portraits of these ambassadors shot by Giovanni Gastel. These images brought the Affligem values to life and portrayed perfect examples of self–rewarding moments, which we entitled “Affligem Momentum”.


Unexpectedly high media coverage was achieved: in just six months of activity, we achieved 60 press articles, with a readership of more than 11 million. The exhibition drew 400 people – among them journalists, socialites, bloggers and editors – and exceptionally high numbers of followers also registered on the Affligem branding page on both Twitter and Instagram.