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Tory Burch

Integrated Digital Media and PR


To develop and implement a strong market-based communications strategy in support of Tory Burch’s e-commerce business launch in Germany, France and Italy. To strengthen brand awareness, drive traffic to its e-commerce sites, and map and create cornerstone relationships with the most important and influential online press portals, blogs, bloggers and websites.


The development of an integrated approach and dynamic strategic plan by our PR team and media-performance specialists. This strong digital PR plan was implemented through the creation of an online editorial calendar of activities across the most effective websites, platforms and blogs in the nominated markets. By identifying and approaching the most relevant online ambassadors to reflect the brand’s DNA, our media-performance specialists optimised these online PR activities through the creation of search advertising campaigns that resulted in continual strong ongoing performance.



The synergy between Tory Burch and our team continues to evolve. Brand awareness has grown and increased significantly, resulting in successful and more consistent traffic results on the Tory Burch European e-commerce websites.