Relationship Marketing

case study


Social Media Strategy and Planning


To design Fendi’s social-media strategy and online presence through a strategic plan that develops its digital identity while maintaining its DNA pillars of exclusivity and sophistication. Crisis and relationship management around key PR moments.


Extensive brand analysis of European, American and Chinese consumer perception through social media.
Based on this study, a global social-media and digital PR strategy was created and supported by content and community management and digital PR teams.
Through buzz alerting around its fashion shows, LuxHub are able to monitor any negative mention around the brand and manage it.
Definition of general guidelines were also set : tone of voice, approach and Q&A. Importantly providing an immediate and quick answer when included in the Q&A or contact the proper internal department to obtain the necessary answer.


From 2013 onwards, LuxHub Italy have managed Fendi’s social-media presence and digital PR strategy and co-ordination worldwide. This has resulted in a 330% increase in Twitter followers, 30% across Facebook and 1 million followers on Instagram.