Has creative’s well of originality dried up?

Originality, albeit a somewhat over-used term, is the ultimate prize in creative industries. Creative ideas live and die on how new, fresh and one-of-a-kind they are. From advertising campaigns, to fashion collections, novels and gallery shows, each creative professional is on a mission to develop his or her own original work. As a member of … Continued

In Fashion, Creative Networks Are Taking Over

In luxury fashion, the brand identity equals the brand. Luxury brands are named after their founders, who are celebrated in a cult-like manner. This is true of high-end fashion houses’ creative directors as well, and as Choupette demonstrated, it sometimes extends to their pets. (And to those — like Ashley Tschudin Instagram — who wish to satirize it.) … Continued

Mr Porter Launches Shoppable Apple TV App

Users of Apple TV will be able to download the The Journal, Mr Porter’s weekly digital publication which will offer shoppable content such as apparel, accessories and lifestyle items. Weekly content will include short videos and films such as how-to videos and tutorials as well as behind-the-scenes footage. Jeremy Langmead, brand and content director at Mr Porter, … Continued

10 Things To Know About the Global Surge in Menswear

In the last year, the world has seen a surge in the menswear market. Once only mentioned in passing in the world of fashion, men’s apparel is now outgrowing women’s across key markets. Brands are both chasing and leading the “Menaissance,” playing catch-up with increasing demand and leading it through massively increased ad spend. Traditional … Continued

10 Things You Need to Know About Affluent Millennials

Few demographics are more discussed than millennials – young people born between 1980 and 2000. The typical millennial was born in the boom years, raised by doting parents who wanted the best for them, wanted to be cool and were financially secure. They came of age during the recession but maintained their sense of empowerment, … Continued

Where To Invest In Fashion Technology?

Similarly, startups wanting to target the fashion industry have a ton of fascinating ideas and a clear focus on service and utility, but they lack connections and the mastery of the luxury fashion language. The result is that there are only a few brands that have managed to capture the space where technology and fashion … Continued