The ‘New Norm’ discussed at the Arab Luxury World

Opening the first day with a keynote speech was Co-Chief Executive Officer and partner of Havas ME, Patrick Chalhoub. Delivering an insightful speech on the transition of the luxury industry in the MENA region, Patrick highlighted how we are seeing a growth that has taken a decline in recent times, marked by a more mature … Continued

Why and how content marketing works for luxury

Content marketing, or branded content, is brand-related content with which consumers, or in our case, luxury consumers, actually choose to engage. It has value for the audience first – whether entertainment, information or other value – and the brand second. Content can live in marketing and media channels, but is not a channel itself. Content … Continued

Havas LuxHub redesigns the new Altagamma website

Since 1992, Altagamma Foundation gathers High-End Italian Cultural and Creative Companies, recognized globally as authentic ambassadors of Italian style. The mission is to increase the competitiveness of the High-End industry, contributing to Italy’s economic growth. This approach is fully complementary to LuxHub’s mission and scope of work; it is precisely for this reason that LuxHub is the only … Continued

3 Long Lasting Beauty Cultures in the Social Media Era

The brand value isn’t hidden anymore behind glossy and bling packaging. It’s all about how a brand is able to be a cultural innovator or new ideologies amplifier. As Douglas Holt, professor at Harvard Business School says, brands can stand out in the over-stuffed media environment by piggybacking novel ideologies that are relevant to the … Continued

How fashion climbed down from its ivory tower and got social

The evolution of the fashion show The role of the défilé 50-plus years ago at Balenciaga, Dior, etc., was to present a designer’s couture collection to top customers, generating orders on the spot – a private affair for perhaps 50 wealthy society women of the day. That changed as ready-to-wear designer fashion became the focus in the 1950s/60s; the primary audience … Continued

5 New luxury retail formats to look out for this year

This year will see the realization of new retail formats that harness emerging trends at their best, and luxury brands will need to decide how they will work with these new formats. 1. Publisher retail This will be the year that magazines and publishers properly launch their magazine-branded retail concepts. Capitalizing on the trust that … Continued

The Global Luxury Customer Journey

The Luxury Customer Journey (LCJ) provides an initial snapshot of the most important marketing KPI’s (top of mind, spontaneous and total awareness) before delving deeper into the more relevant content and touch points that build brand awareness and intention to buy, from traditional press and celebrity endorsement to digital word of mouth and bloggers. The … Continued

The Luxury Customer Journey

The LCJ provides a clear understanding of the strategic roadmap luxury fashion companies need to develop to engage their target in each market analysed, with a strong focus on their digital transformation. Furthermore, the report detects which content and touch points are most relevant to increase brand awareness, desirability and intention to buy of luxury items, ranging from traditional … Continued