The Sociology of Branding

How does your PhD in sociology help you as a digital strategist?A PhD program is a boot camp for thinking. It’s hard. Your professors, advisers and peers all push you to do better thinking: clearer, more succinct, more imaginative, deeper, wider and smarter. The training in thinking is indispensable in any profession, including digital strategy. … Continued

Are you solving the right business problem?

  Businesses fail because they often solve the wrong problem. Forty percent of Samsung’s new smartphone, Galaxy 5S, never left the warehouse. Its all-in-one, Swiss Army Knife approach missed the consumer mark. Motorola’s Moto X, “the only smartphone assembled in the U.S.A,” proved to be similarly unexciting. Arguably, these costly ventures failed because they did … Continued

Why innovation often happens at the edge

The year is 1973, the place is Versailles, and five established French designers competed against five upstart U.S. designers in a fundraiser to renovate Versailles. Who won? If Robin Givhan, author of “The battle of Versailles,” is to be believed, it was “the Americans who stunned the crowd that night  —  less with their craftsmanship … Continued

Luxury Brands Must Innovate or Die in the Digital Age

Luxury brands, faced with an historic disruption thanks to the collision of media and technology, must shift from playing defense to taking the offense, even if that means discarding formerly successful approaches. To win in the new luxury landscape — where Apple is as much a force as Chanel – established luxury brands need to … Continued