The Sociology of Branding

How does your PhD in sociology help you as a digital strategist?A PhD program is a boot camp for thinking. It’s hard. Your professors, advisers and peers all push you to do better thinking: clearer, more succinct, more imaginative, deeper, wider and smarter. The training in thinking is indispensable in any profession, including digital strategy. … Continued

Luxury Brands Must Innovate or Die in the Digital Age

Luxury brands, faced with an historic disruption thanks to the collision of media and technology, must shift from playing defense to taking the offense, even if that means discarding formerly successful approaches. To win in the new luxury landscape — where Apple is as much a force as Chanel – established luxury brands need to … Continued

Keeping up with Change. When economic times are worse, luxury does better.

Luxury operates in an isolation that protects it from many of the downside elements of economic chaos. When global economies get bad enough to affect the luxury market, things are really bad. One thing that generally holds true about global economies is that “everything seldom goes horribly wrong everywhere – all at the same time.” … Continued

A World of Luxury and Beyond…

LuxHub decides to focus on a subject which is fast becoming part of my everyday luxury news life but also something that I am passion about – the changing role and image of luxury as something that is more than just pure materialism. Say hello, to a world of luxury and beyond… Once upon a … Continued